Ceylon Net

Ceylon Net has been founded to provide reliable solutions for mass need of business to business and business to retail platform .

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Who we are

we are ceylon net we have more than 15 years of experience in IT industries. we have been working with different field of business solution all the years. 

What we up to?

up on the all experience we found there are many solution providers is the nation who look for individual complications. The island need same time mass solution providers too keep the balance of supply and demand off mass retail market that mean an engaged solution for day by day common activities. and we know engaging with a ongoing business and making new business are two different task and we like to do second one.

if explain it simply we will connect the dots. whether the DOTs mean data for B to B or supply for demands.  

What we do

we have chosen different vehicles to reach our destination
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we makes our own ecommerce platforms to connect vendors to buyer to uplift startups and reduce market dominations. 

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Mobile Apps

we will happy to collaborate our experience for make your apps that meet your every needs and also enterprises software for your business growth.

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Intelligent Data 

We are the 1st one in the country who make information/data portals to connect B to B formats for data sharing platforms in order to reduce market risk and open new doors for various sub business. 

Our Mission

As a team of ceylon net, we always value the effect what has been put on a product with creative, considering the reality, focused on the future.
maintain the excellent human force and being one step forward is always keep us move unstoppable towards the goals.     

Our Vision

We want to build a reliable world what gives easy access of people's day to day life and open a portal to earn and uplift the living standard of humankind by providing cuting edge mass solutions  by sharing data's and implementing artificial intelligence algorithm on electronics and cloud platforms.  

Our Philosophy

We believe profit is not only money. we always considers our human resource and value equal from top to bottom as same as we value our customers. We adheres to five core values of honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, and leadership.

Our Strategy

We maintain out own strategy (06 points) to evaluate our work as often to maintain the process of business keep grow. 1. Who we where 2. who we are (now) 3. Where do we want to go? 4.How we going to reach 5. What we have and what we need 6. How we know that we are passing our steps towords the top?

Products ECommerce

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Cakes.lk is a marketplace that customer can view the list of bakers based on the delivery area and can send a order for them self or a surprised gift to their loved one. you can see the designs and competitive prices based on the cake makers. cakes.lk is dedicate to provide home based cake making ladies/girls to give a hand for earn some more money 

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On Developing

Product List Software with Smart Omega

Smart Distribution 

Manage your distribution from order processing, loading delivery, sales return, payments, cash, cheuqe, credit, Grn, suppliers payment, purchase return, vouchers, expenses, stock, profit and ledger reports etch 

Smart Hire Purchasing 

Manage your Hire purchasing business by suppliers, department, modules, customer history, sceams, interest rates, penalties, due accounts, areas list, areas, remainders, commissions recoveries, user management. so much.. 

Smart HR and Payroll 

We have a payroll what just not a payroll. with admin, accountant and employee logging, leave manager, staff loan, events, notice bord shift. o.t deductions, allowances, shift, face detector, all fact reports 

Smart Pawning

Interest slabs, payable amount by cartage, article conditions, customer history, article stocks, redemptions, forfeited, reminder letters/sms, all management reports with profit and lost 

Smart POS and Inventory 

Point of sales integrated with inventory can add debtor, creditor, banking and ledger accounting. fast moving items, gross profit, stock in hand, stock value, re order list, expire items, discounts, PnL and 50+ reports

Smart ERP

Lets get every department under the one roof. Raw materials, inventory, production department, HR department, Sales force, Accounting sections, Etc to control the all sectors with user permissions by cloud. 

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